Who can apply? The Diocese of Erie (Departments); Catholic Parishes and Catholic Schools in the diocese.

Grants are available for funding towards education projects and opportunities that benefit people within the 13 counties of the Diocese of Erie. Projects must fit at least one of the following four categories:

  • Diocesan-wide scholarship and tuition-assistance programs (applicants limited to the Diocese of Erie)
  • Religious education and faith formation projects
  • Technology and related training for parish faith formation education projects and for Catholic schools
  • Lay ministry education, training and worship formation opportunities including education toward obtaining professional certifications, attending workshops, ministry formation opportunities and spiritual formation opportunities.

Priority is given to:

  • Projects that reach a wide audience or are collaborative across parishes or schools
  • New or creative projects
  • Projects with multiple funding sources
  • Projects that are compatible with diocesan priorities

The maximum grant amount is $30,000. (excluding diocesan-wide scholarship and tuition assistance programs)


  • Pastor, school principal/president, or diocesan department supervisor must be aware of the grant request and have given their approval by signing the project endorsement form included in the application.
  • Parishes, Schools, or individual diocesan departments are permitted to apply for one Education grant per grant cycle. If more than on application per parish, school, or diocesan department is submitted, all will be rejected.
  • Funds are released to the parish or diocese only with an executed grant agreement on file at the Foundation.

Funding Exclusions

Grant funds will not be given to:

    • New or existing staff salaries
    • Emergency grants
    • Already completed projects or formation programs
    • Funding a degree program
    • Individual tuition assistance
    • Individuals not affiliated with a parish, school, or department of the Diocese of Erie
    • Education projects not affiliated with a parish, school, or department of the Diocese of Erie

Grant Cycle

Spring 2020 Education Grant Cycle

  • Applications will be accepted February 10 through March 23
  • Grants will be awarded May 2020
  • Grant Report Deadline - June 2021

Fall 2020 Education Grant Cycle

  • Applications will be accepted August 15 through September 26
  • Grants will be awarded November 2020
  • Grant Report Deadline - December 2021

We are not currently accepting Education Grant applications.

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