The Catholic Foundation strives to exercise faithful, competent, and morally responsible stewardship in managing the material resources entrusted to it through contributions and other sources.

The Foundation’s investments are managed by Northwest and PNC banks in accordance with a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives approved by the Catholic Foundation Board of Directors and its Investment Committee. The primary investment objective of the Foundation is the long-term growth of principal and generation of income sufficient to offset distributions and investment fees of the Foundation and to keep pace with inflation.

All investment managers are expected to comply with the current United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines. Compliance will be monitored by the Investment Advisor and the Investment Committee no less than annually. The USCCB Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines were most recently updated in November of 2021. These updates have been integrated into our Catholic Foundation investment activities.

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Notable changes in the USCCB’s guidelines include:

  • Updated guidelines for human rights, including human trafficking and forced labor.
  • Additional specificity on a few existing categories including contraceptives, adult entertainment and weapons.
  • Added guidelines re: companies involved with gambling, tobacco, cannabis, environmental restrictions media/telecommunications companies with no human rights policy.
  • Increased emphasis on investment stewardship as active shareholders across a number of new issue areas.

Click below to read the Foundation's Investment Policy & Objectives and the USCCB Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.