How will you sustain and grow your ministry?

Working with the Catholic Foundation will help you to further your mission today and strengthen your financial future by providing perpetual annual income. An established endowment fund gives your donors confidence that their gifts will have lasting, long-term impact.

Some of the benefits of investing through the Catholic Foundation include:

Socially responsible investing.

Investments are screened using principals articulated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pooled investments result in lower fees for our investors.

Investments receive professional oversight by our pooled investment committee and assets are managed by PNC and Northwest.


Agency endowment agreements ensure that the funds invested can only be used for the purpose donors state in the agreement. Endowments are part of a comprehensive, long-term financial plan providing annual income in perpetuity. Assets are more secure when associated with a legal endowment agreement.

Another way to give.

Permanent endowments are an appealing option for many donors who are selecting their planned gift beneficiaries. An endowment is an appealing complement to your donor’s existing support of your ministry.

Call Lisa Louis to ask about starting a fund.
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