How will your legacy reflect your Catholic faith and values?

When you partner with the Catholic Foundation, your funds will be used exactly as you intend to strengthen the ministry of your choice now and forever. You can have confidence that your funds will be invested in a socially responsible manner that aligns with your core Catholic values and will have impact in perpetuity to benefit people for generations.

Designated endowments may be established to memorialize or honor your name, family, or others special to you and you can build on your endowment with gifts of any amount at any time. Others can contribute to an endowment you establish as well.

Oversight of all endowment funds is provided by our Board of Directors comprised of dedicated lay men and women from throughout the diocese.

A minimum of $10,000 is required to initiate an endowment fund.

Call Lisa Louis to ask about starting a fund.
(814) 824-1237