John and Rose DeMarco are surely smiling from heaven as their son, Dale, says that everything about him was passed to him by his parents. The DeMarcos were faith-filled and practical people. Dale’s father was a full-time, blue-collar worker and his mother worked part-time when she wasn’t busy looking after her two sons.

Catholic education was very important to the DeMarcos. They wanted to make sure that Dale and his brother learned everything about their faith. Dale recalls that as a boy and young man he went to church to please his mom, then one day realized he was going for himself. He credits his years of Catholic education (Saint George grade school then Cathedral Prep, followed by Gannon) for knowledge, while his parents were the flame that lit the fire of his faith.

The practical nature Dale inherited from his parents led him to a career in accounting. As a CPA he shares his talents with the Catholic community by volunteering for many years on the finance council for Saint George Parish and on the board of Catholic Charities, Inc.

John and Rose DeMarco outside of Saint Paul Church, Erie
John and Rose DeMarco outside Saint Paul Church, Erie

Dale had the privilege of living with his parents throughout his adult life. When asked about caring for them as they aged, he quips, “My parents were healthy and active into old age. In fact, I was the one who enjoyed ‘assisted living’ for 58 years."

Recalling the significant life adjustment he had after his parents died, Dale openly shares that he misses them all the time. That’s one of the reasons honoring them with named endowments is so meaningful to him. Dale recently established the John E. and Rose M. DeMarco Endowment for the Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania to fund urgent needs as determined by the Catholic Foundation board of directors. In a nod to his many years serving on the board of Catholic Charities, Inc., Dale also established the John E. and Rose M. DeMarco Endowment for Catholic Charities to fund urgent needs as determined by the Catholic Charities board of directors.

"The reason I am Catholic is because of Mom and Dad," Dale says. Having their names associated forever with endowment distributions to support the Catholic community seems right to Dale who adds, "It makes me feel good to do this in their honor."

Dale Demarco Pictures

If you would like to donate to these endowments, or establish your own endowment, contact Lisa Louis at (814) 824-1237 or by email.

“I think they would like being honored in this way.”
— Dale DeMarco, Donor
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