Since the first Cursillo weekend was held in the Diocese of Erie in 1963, over 500 Cursillos have taken place.

Monsignor Daniel Arnold, spiritual director of the Erie Cursillo Movement, says that Cursillo “changes lives. It changes marriages. It is part of the evangelization effort of the Church.”

Lisa Louis and Monsignor Daniel Arnold
Lisa and Fr. Dan review the endowment details

The Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania is helping to keep this legacy strong. The Erie Diocesan Cursillo Movement Endowment at the Catholic Foundation was started in October 2009 and its yearly distribution provides operating income to the Erie Cursillo movement. In 2019, the distribution check amounted to $1,289 and was used to purchase a new freezer needed for the weekend retreats.

Being able to depend on a yearly distribution from the Catholic Foundation is a comfort to Fr. Dan who believes in the important work that Erie Cursillo does. “We count on the funds from the endowment for special projects which really helps with our operating expenses. Because it’s a permanent fund we know it will always be there.”

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