Retired CPA, William “Bill” Steger, began a three-year term on the Catholic Foundation board of directors on January 1. Bill became interested in the Foundation after reading its annual reports. Previously unaware of this Catholic giving opportunity, he inquired to learn more. Bill’s experience evolved as a donor when he established a new endowment with the Foundation named for his family. His support continues and now expands to a governance role through board leadership of the Foundation. In this way Bill looks forward to helping to shepherd and grow the financial resources of the Catholic community in northwest Pennsylvania

Bill has been active in the Catholic community his entire life. "My parents brought me up that way," he says with a smile. Bill attended public school as a child. He fondly recalls being in the first class of the new Our Lady of Peace School in eighth grade, graduating at the top of that class. Bill’s Catholic faith and memories run deep. He graduated from Cathedral Prep and Gannon, and notes that he has "counted the money" for every one of his Prep class reunions since the first. Bill was a lector at Our Lady of Peace in the ‘60's, made Cursillo in the ‘80s, and has been a lector at St. George since the ‘80s where he has also been on the finance council “for a long time.”

Throughout a 45 year career as a CPA, the last ten with the Malin Bergquist firm, Bill says his Catholic faith was "part of my accounting life too." He had several Catholic organizations as clients for many years. Bill recalls fond memories working with many of the Mercy Sister's ministries. He was also involved in work conducting the financial audit of the Diocese of Erie. Bill has been and continues to be on a number of community boards. Had he not been a CPA, Bill says he would have been an investment manager as investing is his hobby. Bill’s professional and volunteer leadership experience and interests will serve the Foundation well. With its Catholic mission Bill says serving on the board of the Catholic Foundation “…feels like home. Faith is not separate from what I do. It’s part of my life, my identity.”

The Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania is an independent 501(c)(3) corporation led by a governing board of laypersons. Bylaws of the Catholic Foundation call for board representation from the three vicariates of the Erie diocese. The board’s nominating committee recommends candidates for board service ongoing. New board members join each year in January. Informed and guided by its bylaws, the board of directors oversees and manages the general affairs of the Foundation. Board members serve three year terms and may be elected for three consecutive terms of office.

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