Legacy Society Logo

Membership in the Legacy Society is offered to individuals who choose to establish an endowment fund or leave an estate gift that will provide benefits to a Catholic ministry in perpetuity through the Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania.

Their giving is a sign of a faithful steward who acknowledges that their personal life, as well as all of creation, is a gift from a loving and gracious God. In response to this gift they are participating in such a way that expresses love, gratitude and respect for God, others, self and for our faith community.

For their vision and generosity, we offer sincere thanks!

Legacy Society Members

  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Barbara A. Behan†
  • Ms. Ruthanne Beighley
  • Mrs. Frances Q. Buseck
  • Dr. Stephen Cenedella and Mrs. Marie Cenedella†
  • Deacon Joseph R. Cicero
  • Mr. Robert D. Crowley and Mrs. Barbara Crowley
  • The Reverend Monsignor Ernest J. Daley†
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Flaga†
  • The Reverend Leo J. Gallina
  • Mr. Robert M. Gallivan
  • Ms. Lili Grumblatt
  • The Reverend Monsignor John B. Hagerty†
  • Mr. William M. Hilbert, Sr.†
  • Mr. Mark Horstman and Mrs. Karen Burton-Horstman
  • Mr. Mark Kulyk† and Mrs. Joyce Ravnikar-Kulyk
  • Mrs. Mary Ann Lamb
  • Mr. James Layne
  • Mr. Thomas J. Loftus and Mrs. Mary H. Loftus†
  • Mr. Mark Louis and Mrs. Lisa Louis
  • The Reverend Monsignor Daniel E. Magraw
  • The Reverend Monsignor Robert Malene
  • Mr. James Malue and Mrs. Mary Margaret Malue
  • Sister Catherine Manning, SSJ
  • Mr. James E. Martin and Mrs. Sharon Martin
  • Mrs. Mary Fabrizio McCarthy†
  • Ms. Emma Lee McCloskey
  • Mrs. Jeannie B. McGinley
  • The Reverend Monsignor Salvatore Mitchell†
  • Ms. Susan Morgan
  • Mr. Homer Mosco and Mrs. Marlene Mosco
  • Mr. Robert C. Mosier
  • Mr. John L. Mosier
  • Mr. David J. Murphy
  • Mr. James O’Mara† and Mrs. Kimberly Young-O’Mara†
  • Mrs. Pauline Osmer
  • The Most Reverend Lawrence T. Persico, JCL
  • Mrs. Sheila Sauers
  • Mr. Daniel Schaaf and Mrs. Dawn Schaaf
  • The Reverend Monsignor Henry Schauerman†
  • Mr. Doug Schenberg
  • Mrs. Marilyn Sharp
  • Mr. Norman Stark and Mrs. Marie Stark†
  • Mr. William J. Steger
  • The Reverend George E. Strohmeyer
  • Mr. James F. Toohey and Mrs. Mary Ann Toohey†
  • The Most Reverend Donald W. Trautman, STD, SSL
  • Mrs. Cheryl Vicary
  • Miss Mary Margaret Weis

† Deceased members